Empowering our Community through Oncology Esthetics

Make someone smile today by donating a restorative skin treatment that offers relaxation and comfort to people living with cancer and ease the burden of their side effects.

Services Offered*

  • Yin Restorative Facial
  • Comforting Hand & Body Wraps
  • LED Skin & Hair Treatments
  • Crystal & Reiki Healing Energy Work

*Offers in-home/facility services. Must have doctor’s authorization. Face2Face program discounted rates are applied at the time of service for those under current oncology treatments, in remission for less than a year, or in hospice care.

How to Donate

  1. Go to www.vagaro.com/oasisskinstudio to make an account.
  2. Select “Gift Cards” on the menu bar.
  3. Select the “Business Created” category.
  4. Choose the Face2Face design.
  5. Recipient Name: “Oasis Face2Face Program”*
  6. Recipient Email: “katie@oasisskinstudio.com”*
  7. Your message to the recipient will be shared when the gift certificate is selected, and you will be sent an email notification when your gift is redeemed.
  8. Select “Choose an amount” and type in $20
  9. Add to cart and check out.
  10. Call us at 248-629-0362 for any questions, or if you would like to donate over the phone.

*If you would like to donate a facial to a loved one, you would fill out their name and email, they would book via that email and the gift certificate will cover their service.

All gift certificates remain in our system and do not expire. When a client who qualifies for the Face2Face program receives a service, the gift certificates are picked at random and will cover their service cost of $20.

The inspiration being the Face2Face program was Cheryl Dickinson.

The FACE2FACE program was inspired by and in loving memory of my mother, Cheryl. Her strength and resilience is still felt by everyone who knew and loved her.