Frequently Asked Questions

All treatments are designed to be completely customizable to your skin concerns. Whether you are a new client, or have been to the studio before, take a look below for the answers to frequently asked questions.

I’m a new client, which facial do I choose?

There are two recommended facials. First, The European Facial: This is an introductory facial where we can get to know each other, and your skin. This is geared toward relaxation and will address any skin concerns, including how your skin reacts to products. Second, The Everything Facial: This facial has all the bells and whistles including dermaplaning. Its perfect for a big event, a birthday treat, or seeing what Oasis Skin Studio has to offer. All appointments include a consultation and can be switched based on your skin assessment.

I bought a Facial Package, can I still use this?

Yes! Your facial package will be accepted and will not have any additional fees unless you choose an add on during your treatment.

I want The Hydrofacial, but not sure if I want Dermaplaning, what do I choose?

The Hydrofacial is also just as customizable, at your appointment, we will assess if dermaplaning is a fit for you, and if it isn’t, it will be replaced with a Superficial Peel. The superficial peel is selected based on your skin assessment, has no downtime, and will not cause heavy peeling. If neither the dermaplaning or superficial peel work for your skin, your service will be discounted to $115.

I have Rosacea, can I get The Hydrofacial?

The Rosie’s Only Facial is specifically designed for those living with Rosacea, frequent redness, capillaries, vascular matting, and irritated skin. If you have a mild case of Rosacea, The Hydrofacial can be booked for delicate skin. Your consultation and skin assessment will determine if the facial is for you and can be switched to The Rosie’s Only if needed.

I have Rosacea, Red Cheeks, or Broken Capillaries, what do I choose?

The Rosie’s Only Facial is specifically designed for those living with Rosacea, frequent redness, capillaries, vascular matting, and irritated skin. This treatment will work on strengthening your tissues and capillaries, reducing redness and inflammation, and cool and calm your skin. Results are usually immediate but may require an updated home regimen or lifestyle changes to maintain. These recommendations are discussed during your consultation.

I used to get the Firming Facial with Radio Frequency, Rezenerate NanoFacial, Nourish, or Crystal Clear Facial, what do I choose now?

The Corrective Facial. This facial is the go to for everything, as it is now completely from the masque chosen to electro-therapy (Radio Frequency, High Frequency, Ion, Galvanic, Glacier Device, Ultrasound, etc) AND includes Nano Infusion with targeted serums.

I used to get the Dermaplaning Facial, what do I choose?

There are a few options. The European Facial with Dermaplaning Add On will be the same price and treatment as before. The Corrective Facial includes a choice of dermaplaning or superficial peel. If you would like both dermaplaning and a superficial peel, it is a $15 add on to your service.

I have metal hardware from surgeries or a pacemaker, what do I choose?

All facials can be adjusted to include ultrasonic vibrations or hand massage to increase firmness and product absorption instead of electric currents. Simply let me know in your questionnaire and in the treatment room.

What do I choose for age management, fine lines and wrinkles, or loss of firmness?

The Everything Facial or The Corrective Facial will address these concerns.

I have acne, what do I choose?

If you have cystic acne, large blemishes under the skin that do not come to the surface, or large papules and pustules, choose The Corrective Facial. If you have light breakouts and mostly concerned with blackheads, choose The Corrective Facial or The Hydrofacial.

I have a big event, what do I choose?

The Everything Facial is designed to have your skin glowing for big events. If you have current skin concerns and have many months before your big event, The Corrective Facial is a great option to start preparing.

My question is not here, what do I do?

Send your question as a text to (248)629-0362 or email katie@oasisskinstudio.com