5 Ways to Spice Up Your Stale Skincare Routine

You have your routine, your skin is looking and feeling good, but…you feel off. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is missing. You may think, is this all in my head? Am I just nit-picking at my skin because I’m bored? No! (and YES!) You’re bored, and although your skin may be breakout free and smooth, you may notice a little bit more laxity or that wrinkle on your neck isn’t smoothing out like it usually does. Whatever the reason is, you’re bored with your current routine and looking to spice things up!

1. Get your ZIIP on.

Are you wondering if there is something you can do that will keep your skin blemish-free, lift and sculpt, and keep your skin youthful and healthy? The ZIIP is perfect for you! This device may be little, but she is FIERCE! A one-time purchase that will save you money in the long run because it has it all. Using the ZIIP app, pre-loaded with fun tutorials and treatments plans that fit your lifestyle, adding this device has never been easier. Using FDA-cleared nanocurrent technology, the ZIIP delivers intelligent energy beneath the surface of the skin. The results are both preventative and restorative, allowing you to address aging, acne, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation, to name a few, as well as lift, sculpt, plump, and illuminate, all on-demand. The device is also pre-programmed with a lift & sculpt treatment for ease of use without the app. Check out more about what Dan Levy and Jennifer Aniston have to say about the ZIIP here! (P.S. Keep scrolling for my 30-day results!)

2. Revita-Cyte is the new Retinol.

You’ve seen the memes calling us out for not starting retinol yet, but you’ve heard horror stories about it? I, as well as a plethora of estheticians, have been telling you to get on retinol and for years I have also been using the best retinol I could find. Now, I am starting to think retinol may not be the ONLY thing we need to stay young…I want more! And then I got the results I was looking for without the retinal with Circadia’s Revita-Cyte Complex! The first day I applied it, I was stunned at the smooth and firm feeling. I actually felt like my jaw was so lifted that I couldn’t keep my hands off of my skin. After using this for 30 days, I knew that this was here to stay. I even tried a new routine for research and after 3 days without Revita-Cyte, I had to add it back in. There is no doubt that this product will be a staple for years to come.

3. Not all skincare is created equal.

30 Days of DMK Products and using the ZIIP 5-6 days a week. Dates: February 10th to March 10th.

You don’t have enough time to add any extra time to your routine, but you’re not sure if your current product lineup is the best for you…try the award-winning Enzyme Therapy and get 30 days of home prescriptives. Experience DMK’s Enzyme Therapy in the studio, and leave with home prescriptives that will last 30 days until your next appointment. DMK’s formulation uses messenger enzymes… The home prescriptives are designed to bring your skin back to life by restoring functions on a molecular level within your skin cells to normal working order. If you are still getting your skincare products from Ulta, it’s time to upgrade to professional skincare. Pharmaceutical and Medical Grade Skincare go through rigorous testing, is regulated by the FDA to be formulated with 99% pure ingredients, and their results are backed by extensive trials and research. No cosmetics sold directly to consumers are held to such high standards and, in my opinion, incomparable. (What I used to get these results in 30 days: DMK: Deep Pore Pure, Melanotech Drops, Herb & Mineral Moisture Spray, Creme Citrique. Circadia: Revita-Cyte Complex. ZIIP OX: Problem Solver Treatment + Full Treatment of Choice 5-6 days a week.)

4. Radio Frequency is the vibe right now.

Results of just 2 Radio Frequency Facials (The Renewal Facial)

Boost your monthly facials by adding on Radio Frequency. If you are committed to your skincare routine at home, boost your monthly facials with Radio Frequency, RF therapy uses currents similar to the ones found naturally in your body to cause tissues to contract, safely tightening the skin and increasing their contour. When your muscles resist this current, heat is generated, stimulating collagen production to strengthen and refine the underlying tissues of your skin. These facials will produce immediate results but will fade in a few days if you don’t maintain this with your home prescriptives and facial exercises which can be performed with the ZIIP or with your own hands! Home Maintenance with Radio Frequency Facials once per month will transform your skin! (Picture: Top picture is before any treatments, Middle is after the first treatment, Bottom is after the second treatment. Client completes her skincare routine morning and night.)

5. Masque Up.

Add a Mask! You may be thinking, I ALREADY HAVE A MASK! I see a lot of clients who mask at least once a week, but that mask isn’t doing anything for their skin condition and won’t help them achieve their goals. Get very clear on the goal you want for your skin and choose a mask with your esthetician that will boost your home care with active ingredients to achieve your goals. If you are looking for results, a mask from Target is not going to cut it. My two favorite masks are from GlyMed Plus and they are Ultra-Hydrating Enzyme Masque, which will remove built-up dead skin cells, revealing and hydrating new healthy cells for a youthful glow, and the Wrinkle Prescription Masque, which facilitate the skin’s ability to prevent wrinkling by relaxing the muscles and slowing the mechanism of facial contractions. Talk about botox in a bottle!! (Pictured: Wrinkle Prescription Masque. I put this on early in the night, usually before a movie to give it time to dry, I then sleep with it on and wake up feeling firm and smooth. I love doing this the night before big events — Including my own wedding! Just be sure to use a pillowcase you don’t mind getting stained.)

Most importantly…do what you are comfortable with. A great routine is about what works best for you and your lifestyle or you wouldn’t have the routine, to begin with! Our skin is a multi-functioning organ that is affected by our environment and lifestyle choices, just taking this fact into consideration is doing good for your skin.

If you are considering a new skincare routine or have any questions about skin, skin care products, or any skin concerns, let’s chat! You can email me at katie@oasisskintudio.com.

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