DIY Coffee Scrub Recipe

A Jar of DIY Coffee Ground Scrub

Today as I was about to dump out the old coffee grounds from my husbands morning brew, the idea came to me to make a body scrub out of it. Then I thought, why not share this easy DIY recipe that you can do at home!


  • Used Coffee Grounds
  • Course Salt, Pink Himalayan, Epsom Salts, or any course salt you may have on hand. (Sub: Brown sugar if you have this)
  • Herbs – I used lavender buds and chamomile flowers, although you can use the tea you have on hand, just open the packet and dump it in! (I would stay away from anything spicy, like cinnamon)
  • Olive Oil
  • Empty Jar
  • Bowl
  • Spoon

Step 1: Gather your ingredients – no need to go shopping, just grab what you have, empty out and clean that old jar of stuff in the fridge, and get creative.

Necessary tools and ingredients needed for a DIY Coffee Ground Scrub

Step 2. Ring out your coffee if it was in a press, usually you don’t have to if its been sitting a while in a filter.

Drain excess water from your coffee grounds

Step 3. Combine equal parts to fit into your jar and add a tablespoon of olive oil. Measurements aren’t required here, just make sure to make enough to fit in your jar.

Combined coffee ground scrub ingredients in a mixing bowl

Note: If you don’t have loose herbs, that’s okay! Just open up a few tea bags that you have on hand.

Spare tea bags for the DIY scrub

Step 4. Mix it up.

Mixed coffee scrub ingredients

Step 5. Pack your jar.

A Mason Jar of DIY Coffee Ground Body Scrub

Step 6. Apply in the shower or in the bath. It’s up to you!

Scrub skin with the mix in the bath or shower

Step 7. Enjoy your glowing and smooth skin!

Make your own and share it with me on Instagram (@oasis_skin_by_katie) or Facebook (Oasis Skin By Katie)

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