3 Ways to Use the T-Sonic Cleansing Device

An affordable way to upgrade your daily skin care routine is with an ultrasonic cleansing device. Not only is it safe to use every day, it is hygienic and removes dirt, sebum, and makeup residue for the ultimate deep clean. I use my T-Sonic Cleansing Device by Millennial Beaute three different ways!

A pink T-Sonic Facial Cleansing and Massaging Device with a Facial Wash

#1 Cleanse: I use this with GlyMed Plus Mega-Purifying Cleanser every night for my first cleanse. I recommend and use the “dry hands to dry face” method, and gently massage all over my face and eyes to remove any makeup and mascara. Then I wet my T-Sonic, turn it on, and use circular motions to work in the cleanser. The T-Sonic has a 2 minute timer on it, which is conveniently the amount of time you are supposed to cleanse your face for! For my double cleanse, which is the same cleanser I use in the morning, I love the Gentle Facial Wash. I splash a little water on my face, lather a pump of it with a little bit of water and massage it all over my face, avoiding my eyes. Then I turn my T-Sonic on and massage gently until it turns off. Not only does this deep clean, it provides ultrasonic waves that gently lift dirt and sebum out of your pores so the cleanser can get in there and do it’s job.

#2 Boost: One of my favorite tricks is using the T-Sonic after letting my masques sit for their recommended time. The Ultra-Hydrating Enzyme Masque, and the Anti-Aging Exfoliant Masque, both from GlyMed Plus are great for sloughing away dead skin cells and adding the extra mechanical action from the T-Sonic is a great way to boost your exfoliation. I recommend only using this 1x per week.

#3 Shower: Not only does the T-Sonic leave me feeling ultra-clean right out of the shower, my skin retains more moisture after applying lotion, and it’s so smooth. The little bumps on the backs of my arms (keratosis pilaris) are pretty much gone! My secret weapon? The Alpha Therapeutic Ultimate Body Scrub with the T-sonic, and then the Hand and Body Lotion, both from GlyMed Plus.

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